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We are the loveliest and most understanding couple brunette escorts that you will never find anywhere else. We are Klaus and Elena. Elena is a gorgeous and charming brunette that understands your needs and those of your partner perfectly well. She is 29 years old, 1, 71cm, 49kg. She is bisexual and she loves being with men and women. 


Elena is a charming brunette with glowing, natural hair. She is 29 years old, 1, 71 cm and she weighs 49kg. She loves being with women. We both understand your needs when you hire us to be your couple brunette escorts and we will meet them in the most spectacular way. We have undergone professional training to ensure that we always give you the best experience each time you hire us to be your couple brunette escorts. 


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  1. You are a couple and you want to have a foursome

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  3. You have a swing party

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