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We are a lovely couple escort in Tel Aviv. We are Klaus and Elena and our goal is to give you ultimate pleasure each time you hire us. Elena is a beautiful brunette with long flowing hair. She is a slim model weighing 49 kg. She is 1, 71cm tall. Elena is a bisexual that will do everything to please a man. Klaus is a businessman and a lovely partner. He is a charming gentleman with an athletic body. He is 33 years old, 1,83cm tall and he weighs 80kg. He is an understanding

heterosexual and not a gay. 


Making us your couple escort in Tel Aviv guarantees you maximum satisfaction and the best experience in every minute that you spend with us in this city. We know how to behave and dress in every occasion that you want us to accompany you to. Rest assured that we will not only give you the best experience, but also value for your money. 

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  • Maturity

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  • Professionalism

  • Experience  


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