Our Rules

  • Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
  • The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. Never make me ask for it.
  • To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.
  • Please do not over stay our date. If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.
  • No gratuities are ever expected, but for if you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wish list.
  • The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TRAVELING: Purchasing tickets: Upon receiving prepayment, we will make all the appropriate traveling arrangements. We prefer to do this myself as I do not disclose my passport and home address details to people we meet for privacy reasons. We are sure you understand. For all services we want 100% deposit in advanced. Payments can be made in EURO (€ is money of European Union), of course the bank will do the conversion between your country money in our € money. All travel cost, accommodation, food, etc, must be covered by you.
  • As most of you know, we love to travel! With sufficient notice, we can join you almost anywhere in the world. Travel that is booked in advance by you that we are already familiar with is preferred. If we have never met before you must to do the payment with at least 1-4 weeks in advance. All travel bookings require between 50 and 100% deposit. Bookings in our city tour around of 4 hours or more, you must to send us a deposit of 50% of our fee is required (via a bank transfer) in order for us to keep the dates in our schedule free for you. Please Note: Travel expenses are not included and will need to be add to our fee. If you need to cancel our date then we will keep all fees already paid for up to 6 months so you have plenty of time to reschedule without losing out in any way financially.
  • Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is for time and companionship only and is simply for the time expended in the delivery of lawful entertainment. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for, nor is it requested to be contracted for in any manner. This is not an offer of prostitution or any illegal activity. Fees charged are for time spent only.